Puss in Boots

The stories that we grew up with hold a special place in our hearts. One story that has been a bedtime tale for children that has been told over the last several decades is the one of Puss and Boots. The phrase “el gato con botas” literally means the cat with boots, and this story is simple about his adventures. The tale is still a story that is told to children, but it has also now evolved into an animated version that they can enjoy on screen as well. Puss is extremely popular now, but where did his humble beginnings stem from?

Origins of Puss in Boots

The story that we are familiar with today originated from a tale that was written in Giovanni Straparola in the early 1550s. The story was published in Facetious Nights, and it is about three boys whose mother passes away and gives each a valued possession. The youngest son receives the cat, which is actually a fairy in disguise. Throughout the story he helps the boy rise from a poor child to a mighty king. Throughout the years there have been several versions of this story, and they all were very similar; in fact, in most variations the moral remained the same and the details varied slightly. This pattern continued until 1697 when the story was retold by Charles Perrault.

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